What is Beerism?

Welcome to Beerism – a page, well, about beer! My name is Noah Forrest and my love affair with this malted beverage has excited me for quite some time, but has only become a real passion of mine in the last few years. I have created this site/blog in order to explore the ever growing craft beer scene that I have fallen for. On this site, I will be reviewing, examining, and providing information about beer, food, breweries, and the beer community in general, with a special emphasis on Quebec. I live in Montreal, I love my city and province, but especially it’s beer!


Beer has been around us all our lives, but in the last couple of decades, what beer actually means has changed into something completely different.  This transition wasn’t just a progression, but a revival.  For almost a century, beer meant one thing; that blond colored, fizzy beverage, that you drank ice cold. The colder the better, that way we didn’t actually have to taste it. Sure we all thought there was a big difference between the “brands,” but let’s be honest, there really wasn’t. In reality 99% of everything we drank was a variation of the same beer, and sadly for the most part, a bastardization of that particular style of beer. Since the 80’s however, small independent microbreweries, or “craft” breweries have started gaining momentum and reviving beer back into what it once was, and also taking beer to new and exciting places.  We are seeing styles that have almost become extinct come back and flourish, as well as new and clever variations being creatively constructed for the first time.  Every day the scene grows; more and more new breweries are popping up and trying their hand at brewing. Veterans keep mastering the process, coming up with incredible creations – ones that a growing number of people are beginning to attach the proper respect and recognition, comparable to fine wine and whiskey.  The bottom line here is that beer is no longer only a cheap and bland beverage, used to quench thirst in the sun or chug down from a beer bong (and yes I’ve done it!). Rather it has become something much more in a lot of cases;  a refined, meticulously crafted beverage worthy of analysis and respect.


So now that I’m done ranting I want to explain to all readers that I’m by no means an expert.  I’m actually quite new to the world of hops and barley – I’m really more of a beer cheerleader than anything else. I have certainly learned a lot in these last few years and my palate is expanding everyday; but I’m still learning, and will possibly be wrong quite a lot. So please feel free to disagree or correct me. I may cry a bit, but you won’t see it, so what do you care.

So please peruse the site, it is a work in progress and will hopefully be updated often, if I can find the time! On the top of the page, and also on the right of this text you will see different menus, if you click on them there are various articles to read and comment on,  I look forward to hearing from you.

Noah Forrest – Guy who loves beer.