Champ Libre Hosts Summer Bottle Release

An article by Noah Forrest

Summer is finally here! I’m very excited to stop complaining about the cold so I can jump right into complaining about the heat. I can just see myself now, laying half naked on the couch dreaming of snow flurries; feeling like a damn hypocrite.

Summer also means that there will be an influx of beer releases and festivals, which is something I will never complain about – except perhaps what they can do for one’s wallet.

This Saturday the fantastic folks at Mercier’s own Brasserie Champ Libre will be hosting yet another bottle release party. Here are the details!

  • Vente au comptoir d’été (bottle release)
  • Brasserie Champ Libre
  • June 29th at 11:00AM
  • 260 Boul. St-Jean-Baptiste, Mercier
  • More details here

There are three brand new variants dropping on Saturday. I got my hands on them ahead if time so that I could tell you all about them! Enjoy.

IPA Ce rêve d’été

IPA Ce rêve d’été is a blend of 2/3 Épicentre (their wine yeast fermented IPA and 1/3 Rio (a fruited IPA). The blend was then fermented with mango and was given a healthy mosaic dry hop.

The nose is fruity all around, carrying mango and lots of citrus from the mosaic – oranges in particular. The phenolic yeast profile adds some pretty potent earthy notes, and some spicy clove aromatics in the finish.

The palate matches, delivering loads of citrus and general juice. However, this is bone dry. The body is pretty luscious, and especially smooth, going down like nothing.

The mosaic plays really nice with the added mango; starting juicy and ending with that peppery mango finish. The wine yeasts spicy phenolic presence is still at the front, and in certain areas overpowers things, but overall it works well and all the components mesh nicely. Drinkability on point!

Bons Temp Petits Fruits

Bons Temp Petits Fruits is a new take on Champ Libre’s tripel Saison. This version is barrel-aged for four months with elderberries, blackberries, cranberries, and haskap berries.

As expected, the nose is clearly fruity with lots of cranberries at the front, followed by subtle haskap cherry-like aromas and generally berryness. Some subtle phenols peek through.

The palate matches, with cranberries at the front, followed by an immediate cutting dryness. Lots of berry tannins mix with oak layers to really create a dry and moisture sucking tannin-rich finish. The phenols are there, but more in balance with the fruits, and nothing in your face. The alcohol is impressively hidden, with little to no burn considering how dry this bad boy is. I think I prefer the OG, but fun none the less.

Déjeuner en Paix – Édition Almoço do Brasil

This is the fourth version of Déjeuner en Paix, Champ Libre’s imperial breakfast stout. It’s aged four months in barrels with amburana wood and cold brewed Brazilian coffee.

The nose is all coffee, delivering perfectly sweet mocha aromatics that just beg to be drank. Chocolate, vanilla, coconut, and oak, are all blasting my senses with delicious wonder. What a nose!

The palate matches, delivering an amazing mocha presence. Rich espresso meets fruity dark chocolate and cacao. It’s dry, but still carries a nice sweetness that works quite well with all the chocolate layers. Lots of coconut (from the amburana) and hints of barrel add further complexity

The carbonation seems off unfortunately, but it’s only because it needed a few more days to carb up. However, this is my favourite variant to date. There is a great balance of wood, sweetness and coffee, with some perfect tannins.

I had the pleasure of finally visiting Champ Libre a few weeks ago, and I enjoyed every moment. The vibe is relaxed and open, with a great view of the farmland around it – yet it doesn’t feel like you’re too off the beaten path.

Once again, tomorrow is the bottle release, and if you’d like to try these beers I’d suggest going (given the small number). If not for these bottles, then go for the great atmosphere and beers on tap. Details right here.

An article by Noah Forrest

Photography by Noah Forrest