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November 13

The Dark Side of Brasserie du Bas-Canada’s 2nd Anniversary Release

An article by Noah Forrest This coming Saturday, Brasserie du Bas-Canada is celebrating their second anniversary with a big bottle and can release! If you can manage to drive out to Gatineau for the festivities, I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed – this year’s lineup is particularly impressive. It’s actually pretty mind blowing that […]

June 20

Brasserie du Bas-Canada Continues their Hop Dominance

An article by Noah Forrest Within a couple of years, Brasserie du Bas-Canada has gone from being one of the many (and I mean many) new breweries on the block, to producing some of the most sought after beers in the province. Their level of hype at this point is massive; certain bottles are even […]

November 12

Brasserie du Bas-Canada Celebrates Their First Anniversary with a Bottle and Can Release

An article by Noah Forrest I can’t believe Brasserie du Bas-Canada has only been around for a year. In this short period of time, they have brought a rather contemporary angle to the Quebec hoppy beer scene; something some would argue was lacking. I’m not always huge on fruited or Milkshake IPAs, but these modern interpretations are […]

September 20

Gatineau’s Brasserie du Bas-Canada is changing the Quebec IPA scene.

An article by Noah Forrest Back in January of this year I barely knew who Brasserie du Bas-Canada was. Their unlabeled bottles with simple tags hanging from the neck were starting to show up on social media, but I wasn’t quite paying attention yet. As far as I knew, they were just another one of […]

August 02

Flora Hall and Brasserie du Bas-Canada Create a New Kind of Collaboration

An Article by Noah Forrest Gerald Comeau (a new Brut IPA from Brasserie du Bas-Canada and Flora Hall Brewing) was named after the man who’s been fighting inter-provincial Canadian alcohol restrictions for the last few years. First and foremost, the idea was to brew an innovative collaborative IPA between two breweries that are very close […]