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June 19

Boreale Continues to Step Up Their Hop Game

An article by Noah Forrest There is just so much to say about Boreale these days. Les Brasseurs du Nord, Boreale’s parent company, has been making quality beer for decades. The Boreale brand is a Quebec staple. For me, their beers were always reliable, very well priced, and usually the best option in a sea […]

January 03

Boréale Joins the Haze-Craze with their Latest Épisode: IPA du Nord-Est

An Article by Noah Forrest Boréale is at it again with the latest edition of their growing Épisode series of beers. The beers from this lineup are innovative creations by Boréale’s brewmaster, Gabriel Dulong. Brewed in small batches in a eight hectolitre pilot brewery, the Épisode project allows Gabriel to brew interesting, craft-focused beers without the […]

April 13

Boréale Launches a New Project Called “Épisode”- Beerism Tastes the First in this Series and Interviews Brewmaster Gabriel Dulong

An article by Noah Forrest If you’re from Quebec, then you are familiar with Boréale. When I say “you,” I’m not referring to beer geeks; I’m talking about anyone who has ever set foot in a bar, restaurant or grocery store. Since I started drinking, long before the current craft-beer revolution, Boréale has always held […]