Beerism + BAOS + Vox&Hops Join Forces Once Again for Ultimate 2022 Top Ten Quebec Breweries List!

Another year has gone by, and as usual we have seen so many changes – not only the styles and execution of beer in Quebec, but the entire landscape at large. The popularity of more “extreme” sweeter beers like smoothies and pastry stouts isn’t exactly new in 2022, however the result of the rise of these wacky beers has created a counter movement that has refuled our desires for more balanced and easy drinking suds. Lagers and less acidic barrel-aged wild/sour beer are very much on the rise these days, which is creating the new experience of being able to walk into a trendy tap room to order a perfectly executed Czech Pilsner or a vanilla infused smoothie beer with graham crackers and breakfast cereal – what a time to be alive!

Like last year, I’m taking a different approach from previous year-end articles I’ve written. Instead of creating a list of my favorite beers, I’ve teamed up once again with Craig of BAOS Podcast and Matt of Vox & Hops to create our communal top 10 breweries of 2022. So this means that we are delivering a trinity of content, with Beerism handling the written piece, BAOS providing the video, and Vox & Hops delivering the Podcast audio.

We each created a list of our top 10 breweries of 2021, then compared to see which overlapped, and deliberated on those that did not. This year we that much more aligned than usual, with very few conversations around who should or shouldn’t be included. Below is our final communal list.

This year, instead of reading my tasting notes, I’m inviting you to watch or listen to the podcast below where Craig, Matt, and I talk through all things beer related in 2022 (including our favorite Quebec brewery of the year!), click the BAOS YouTube link below:

You can also download or stream the entire podcast from Vox&Hops RIGHT HERE or click below to simply listen!