I Got My Friends to Review Hopism – A Beerism/5e Baron NEIPA Collaboration

For those unaware, I recently teamed up with the amazing Gatineau-based brewery 5e Baron to collaborate on a beer. We went with a double dry-hopped NEIPA brewed exclusively with Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin – and we called it “Hopism.”

The beer sold out at the brewery within a few hours but many cases made their way into Montreal this past Friday, with another drop happening today (Monday 11/16).

I posted an article earlier last week to talk about the collaboration at length, breaking down the backstory behind how it began as well as the Beerism branded glass that went along with the release. Check it out right here. Instead of me reviewing my own beer, which seems extremely biased, I thought it would be a fun idea to provide reviews from other friends in the scene (only slightly less biased, but whatever…).

Mike Davis – BeerBrit_MTL (Beerism correspondent)

“As you’d expect from a beer Noah has signed off on, this brew is a masterclass in balance. It’s dry-hopped with two of my all-time favourites— Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin. A touch of Galaxy was added to the boil too, which is quite a rarity in NEIPAs. All this leads to both of the hops really showcasing their potential, as the beer opens with all the dank, grassy and tropical notes of Galaxy, accented by the vinous, berry character of the Nelson. This continues throughout as a sweet tropical melange is complimented by some grassy bitterness that isn’t overly aggressive but does a good job of cutting through the juiciness. The mouthfeel is absolutely on point too, with a surprisingly round, creamy profile for a single IPA while staying light and very drinkable. It was also refreshing to have an IPA that was ready straight off the shelf, especially with the tendency of many other breweries to go a little too green. Overall, I honestly adored this beer, even if I am a little biased!”

Craig “Cee” Thorn – BAOS Podcast

“This is a collab between one of my closest mates, Noah Forrest of Beerism, and my fave new Quebec brewery, 5e Baron, to celebrate Beerism’s new rerbrand (executed by Jacob of 5e Baron), and I couldn’t be prouder. The beer they decided to run with is a 7% NEIPA with Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin, and it’s GLORIOUS. It pours with a milky haze and a foamy head with that signature Galaxy and Nelson nose, the body is creamy and chalky, the distinctive tropical vibes of the Galaxy sit perfectly in the background (thanks to it being added to the boil, extremely uncommon) alongside the white wine and gooseberry notes of the Nelson in a way I’ve never experienced before (Galaxy tends to take over), it’s balanced and smooth, silky af, well-rounded and clean, the wine notes blend exceptionally well with the Caribbean fruits of the Galaxy, ending in a slightly dry, fruity finish. Exceptional, and I ain’t even being biased. Find it.”

Nathan Lefebvre – Nathan does Beer & BAOS

“This absolute beauty is a 7% NEIPA with Noah’s chosen hop combo of Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin. It pours with a gorgeous thick, turbid haze and an absolutely intoxicating nose. It’s massively dank with aromatics of ripe peach, passion fruit and tangerine rind. The galaxy is bold and punchy but with only a touch of background hop burn. The Nelson combo helps to chill out the intensity without taking away the bold flavour. The palate mirrors the aroma with thick, wet dankness, peach and passion fruit up front with gooseberry and white grape sneaking in around the middle. The note of tangerine rind gives a zesty touch of bitterness leading to a nice dry finish. One of the things 5e Baron does best with their IPAs is mouthfeel, and the texture on this is incredibly creamy and velvety smooth throughout. Legit one of the best beers I’ve had from 5e Baron.”


Well, there ya go! Sure, these were my friends so you can take it all with a grain of salt, however, Hopism is truly brilliant – 5e Baron absolutely nailed it and I could not be happier with the results.

If you are interested, there are cans dropping around Montreal today and here are the spots: