Dieu du Ciel “Gose” at it With Two New Beers! Get it! Get it!

An article by Noah Forrest 

2016 certainly seems to be the year for new beers from Dieu du Ciel! At this point I’ve already written several articles showcasing the most recent offerings from one of the best breweries in the world; this post will be no different. So today, I’m going to talk about two brand new beers: Sentinelle, a Kölsch, and Tamarindo, a Gose brewed with tamarind. These beers should assist you when fighting a long summer’s day of work, or simply inhaling several at a BBQ, or by the pool.

The summer months are in full swing at the moment, with blistering heat shining down on us alongside Montreal’s infamous humidity. If you’re not familiar with it, it kind of feels like your body is being completely wrapped in dirty wet socks all day long; but don’t worry, it doesn’t really feel like that, it’s actually much worse. If you’re lucky enough to take our non-air-conditioned metro, then you can at least enjoy the sweltering humidity while mere centimetres from everyone else. The aromas are simply wonderful. The bus is even better, because you also have the pleasure of enjoying these things while waiting in traffic for comically long periods of time. I actually think I should work in construction, because they seem to work on the roads in Montreal the exact same way I clean my house. I’ll wash like half the coffee table, then put away three socks, perhaps clean a random sink, then take a seventy-two hour break before continuing.

So, what does all this have to do with beer?Nothing really, it’s just not always easy to write a relevant post every week. That being said, when the heat is intense, you need a beer that will not only help you forget about the absurdity of your daily commute, but also allow you to stay refreshed and at least somewhat hydrated. These two new sexy specimens will surely assist in getting your mind off of the drudgery of your sad life, by attacking your taste buds with deliciousness. And they’re refreshing too!


Sentinelle is the latest year-round offering from Dieu du Ciel. It’s a Kölsch, sometimes referred to as a lagered-ale around here. It pours out a crystal clear yellow colour with orange highlights. It has a beautiful floral nose, that carries honey and freshly cut hay. There are some tangy German hops that peek through as well, lending herbal notes to the aromatic base.

Up front, the flavours match the nose, but there is an underlying bitterness that encompasses the flavour profile, straightening out any pesky sweetness. The honey notes are particularly apparent, and add a wonderful sweet floral essence that works with the grainy oat flavours quite well. It’s herbal too, adding a nice spicy and tangy complexity.

That being said, this is a straightforward, clean, and highly drinkable Kölsch that does not disappoint. In fact, this may be my favourite to date given the slightly aggressive hop backing, while still being nowhere near an India pale lager or even a hoppy pils.



Tamarindo is the latest Momentum from Dieu du Ciel! It’s a Gose (German salty-sour wheat beer) brewed with tamarind fruit. It pours out a bright but foggy yellow colour. The aromas begin with lots of wheat, alongside some freshly cut hay, and hints of honey. There is an earthy yeast presence as well, but it smells crisp, slightly fruity, and extremely inviting.

It’s slightly tart, with a nice tang to it. The fruit adds nice juicy layers, but the finish is quite clean, with a lingering tartness. Honey, wheat, and a slight lemony funk make up most of the flavour profile. The salty savoury notes are barely perceivable, but lend just enough contrast to the slight tartness. It’s all very subtle, but well rounded. And while the beer is packed with flavour and not watery per se, it is extremely and utterly sessionable to the point that you could have several in one sitting without getting full – or getting heartburn. This was the perfect choice for the August Momentum. It’s as easy as drinking water, in the best possible way; like, if water was delicious.

So, when the all-encompassing heat destroys your will to live, just remember, refreshing beer is out there! Both Sentinelle and Tamarindo are the perfect patio beers. Find a spot on your deck, pull out your phone, write some clever-yet-whiny post about how hot you are, and then down several of these bad-boys, you won’t regret it.

An article by Noah Forrest

Photography by Noah Forrest