September 18

Messorem Bracitorium – Are We Heading Towards Greener Pastures?

An article by Noah Forrest Messorem Bracitorium opened their doors only last month, yet for the Montreal beer geek, they are essentially a household name at this point. On August 3rd there was a soft-launch, where their first canned IPA was released. It sold out within a couple of days. Let’s just say they’ve been doing […]

August 29

Five Months of Lagabière’s “Balade En Radeau” – What We’ve Seen So Far

An article by Noah Forrest I first discovered Lagabière back in 2013 after trying a bunch of their stuff at a visit to Festival l’Oktoberfest des Québécois. The brewers were two young brothers who had some impressive potential. Over the years they grew, honed their craft, and established themselves as one of the better breweries […]

August 13

Our Love Affair With the Never Ending Brasserie Auval Honeymoon

An article by Noah Forrest Brasserie Auval first hit the Quebec beer scene back in September 2015. Located in Percé within the Gaspésie region of Quebec, the brewery is headed by owner and brewer Benoit Couillard, who also co-founded Microbrasserie Pit Caribou before leaving to open this new endeavour. Auval arrived with beer styles that […]

July 26

Robin – Bière Naturelle: Another Eastern Townships Treasure

An article by Noah Forrest Robin – Bière Naturelle opened their doors in February this year. Located in Waterloo, about an hour and a half east of Montreal, this townships-based establishment isn’t your typical brewery. In fact, they don’t actually brew at all. Instead, Robin purchases un-fermented wort from a fellow townships brewery called Brasserie […]

June 28

Champ Libre Hosts Summer Bottle Release

An article by Noah Forrest Summer is finally here! I’m very excited to stop complaining about the cold so I can jump right into complaining about the heat. I can just see myself now, laying half naked on the couch dreaming of snow flurries; feeling like a damn hypocrite. Summer also means that there will […]

June 20

Brasserie du Bas-Canada Continues their Hop Dominance

An article by Noah Forrest Within a couple of years, Brasserie du Bas-Canada has gone from being one of the many (and I mean many) new breweries on the block, to producing some of the most sought after beers in the province. Their level of hype at this point is massive; certain bottles are even […]

June 13

Microbrasserie À la Fût: The Wild Pioneers of Quebec

An article by Noah Forrest Mixed fermented beer with fruits and other adjuncts are pretty common now in the modern craft beer spectrum. Some are brewed with either wild yeasts or acidifying bacteria, or perhaps both. There is something magical about the combination of Brettanomyces and acidity, especially when coupled with wine (or spirit) barrel […]

May 23

Brasserie Harricana Continues Refining their Wild Barrel-Aged 7205 Series

An Article by Noah Forrest Back in 2017, Brasserie Harricana launched a new line of bottles entitled 7205, which are aptly named after their address. These beers would become experimental one-offs showcasing the wild and barrel-aged side of things. Each is categorized numerically, having begun with 7205-001. I’ve had most of them to date, and […]

May 08

Small Pony Barrel Works Launches 2019 Culture Club

An article by Noah Forrest Small Pony Barrel Works are now well into their second year of existence. This brewery and barrel house is located in Kanata – a suburb just west of Ottawa – where they exclusively create barrel-aged sours. I did a deep dive review of the four first bottles that dropped in […]

March 26

A look at the latest Wild Beers From Microbrasserie Le Castor

An article by Noah Forrest Breweries in 2019 have the challenge of trying to balance consistency with innovation. The insatiable craft beer nerd wants a new beer every week, so the pressure to pump out products in a conveyor belt-like fashion is all too real for the contemporary brewer. As well, not only do we […]

March 23

Brasserie Champ Libre Throws Spring Bottle Release!

An article by Noah Forrest Today might be Péché Day, but Brasserie Champ Libre is also having a pretty epic bottle release! That’s right, they are releasing a slew of new barrel-aged variants as well as a brand new beer altogether. Read about the event right here. If you’re not already aware, Champ Libre is […]

March 20

Beerism’s Guide to the 2019 Péché Day Pack

An article by Noah Forrest Wait, another Péché Mortel article? Yes, that’s right, two Péché articles in one week. What the hell is wrong with me. If you missed last week’s post, five friends and I attacked 18 different versions of Dieu du Ciel’s Péché Mortel in one sitting. It was quite the ordeal. You […]

March 14

Death by Péché: That Time we Drank 18 Péché Mortel Variants and Then Died

An article by Noah Forrest Last Saturday I set into place a tasting that was as high in caffeine as it was in alcohol. It wasn’t an easy task to overcome, but it was certainly delicious – until it wasn’t? Over the years I quietly collected various vintages of a particular beer that is often […]

January 30

A Quick Guide to Dieu du Ciel!’s 2019 Bottle Release: Marché du 11ème

An article by Noah Forrest Well, the weather might be trash right now, but at least we can look forward to strong beers and bottle releases. Once again, it’s time for Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!‘s Winter Marché! This annual party out in St. Jérome is a much needed celebration where you can drink amazing rarities […]

December 28

Beerism’s Top 13 New Quebec beers of 2018!

An article by Noah Forrest With every coming year, the Quebec beer scene changes and grows. New breweries continue to pop up and new styles get created, while old ones get tighter and more refined. I love seeing the progress with each coming year. 2018 in particular was an interesting year for beer. Although I […]

December 20

Brasserie Harricana Celebrates Their 4th Annivesary with a Party and a Bottle Release

An article by Noah Forrest It seems like just recently that I was reading about Brasserie Harricana opening their doors for the first time. But in reality it was four years ago! The brewery has come a long way in that time. They have always had a flair for eclectic beer styles and combinations, using interesting […]

November 12

Brasserie du Bas-Canada Celebrates Their First Anniversary with a Bottle and Can Release

An article by Noah Forrest I can’t believe Brasserie du Bas-Canada has only been around for a year. In this short period of time, they have brought a rather contemporary angle to the Quebec hoppy beer scene; something some would argue was lacking. I’m not always huge on fruited or Milkshake IPAs, but these modern interpretations are […]

October 25

A Guide to Brasserie Dunham’s Fall 2018 Bottle release!

An article by Noah Forrest October is here. Winter jackets are being pulled from closets, leaves are hitting the ground, and there are far more pumpkin spiced things out there than we need. And although everyone is exited about Halloween, I’m actually more excited about Brasserie Dunham‘s 2018 bottle release. It’s happening this weekend! Brasserie […]

September 20

Gatineau’s Brasserie du Bas-Canada is changing the Quebec IPA scene.

An article by Noah Forrest Back in January of this year I barely knew who Brasserie du Bas-Canada was. Their unlabeled bottles with simple tags hanging from the neck were starting to show up on social media, but I wasn’t quite paying attention yet. As far as I knew, they were just another one of […]

September 06

Brett Never Sleeps: A Beerism and Brouerie Sutton Collaboration (100% Brett Brut IPA!)

An article by Noah Forrest A couple of months ago no one around here was talking about Brut IPAs. It was all haze, all day, everyday. If an IPA was filtered and clear, it had no place on the shelf in this modern New England-focused IPA landscape. And damn it, that’s how we liked it. […]

August 16

My Thoughts on Brasserie Dunham’s Foudre Unis 2018

An article by Noah Forrest This past weekend was Foudre Unis. We survived. If you are not aware, Foudre Unis 2018 was the first in a hopefully long series of beer festivals hosted by Brasserie Dunham (held about a ten minute drive from their brewery in a small eastern townships town called Frelighsburg). The festival […]

August 09

Ottawa’s Tooth and Nail Brewing Company Releases Barrel Reserve Series

An article by Noah Forrest I’m excited to write this post. Tooth and Nail Brewing Company is a gem of a brewery that I always recommend to people when they are visiting Ottawa. There is something special about the quality, consistency, drinkability, and care behind their products that elevates them to another level. I’ve been […]

August 02

Flora Hall and Brasserie du Bas-Canada Create a New Kind of Collaboration

An Article by Noah Forrest Gerald Comeau (a new Brut IPA from Brasserie du Bas-Canada and Flora Hall Brewing) was named after the man who’s been fighting inter-provincial Canadian alcohol restrictions for the last few years. First and foremost, the idea was to brew an innovative collaborative IPA between two breweries that are very close […]

July 31

Avant-Garde Releases a Rainbow of Barrel-Aged Funk

An Article by Noah Forrest 2017 was great for Avant-Garde – Artisans Brasseurs. They definitely stepped up their game from previous years, hosting two separate bottle releases and dropping a ton of barrel-aged beers for us to pine over. These bottles were rather well received, helping solidify their place in the province as one of […]

July 24

Microbrasserie 4 Origines Opens in Pointe-Saint-Charles

An article by Noah Forrest Microbrasserie 4 Origines opened its doors in April this year, but they are already starting to garner a reputation for quality beer. Located at the eastern tip of Point-St-Charles, patrons can have a beer in their beautiful tap room, or purchase bottles and cans to go. They are currently producing […]

July 13

Brasserie Distillerie Champ Libre Hosts Their First Bottle Release!

An article by Noah Forrest Hey! Guess what? Brasserie Distillerie Champ Libre is having a bottle release tomorrow, Saturday, July 14th, 2018! I provided some details about this a few weeks back, so I decided to write a follow up post to let you know how the beers turned out.  Guests are welcome to arrive […]

June 28

Champ Libre – An Interview with Alex Ganivet, A Review of their Core Line-up, and an Exclusive Look at their Upcoming Bottle Release

An article by Noah Forrest Do you ever just find yourself rooting for someone to succeed and prosper? That’s how I’ve felt about Alex Ganivet-Boileau pretty much the second I met him four years ago (as he hacked into a cask of the first ever batch of LTM’s Saison Brett during La Cuvée). At the time Alex […]

June 19

Boreale Continues to Step Up Their Hop Game

An article by Noah Forrest There is just so much to say about Boreale these days. Les Brasseurs du Nord, Boreale’s parent company, has been making quality beer for decades. The Boreale brand is a Quebec staple. For me, their beers were always reliable, very well priced, and usually the best option in a sea […]

June 07

Brasserie Artisanale Maltstrom Starts Barrel Aging – Yes Please!

An article by Noah Forrest Brasserie Artisanale Maltstrom may have only been around a couple of years, but they are already on their way to becoming one of the most sought after breweries in the province. Helmed by owner and brewer Michaël Fiset – as well as brewer Elaura Bussiere – this Notre-Dame-des-Prairies brewery is […]

May 24

A Preview of Brasserie Dunham’s May 2018 Bottle Release

An article by Noah Forrest With the approaching summer weather just around the corner, it also means that the infamous Brasserie Dunham May bottle release party is arriving! And this year is as sexy as ever. This Saturday on May 26th, brasserie Dunham invites you to drive out to the eastern townships for an afternoon of […]

April 24

Sutton Brouërie Brews Some Big and Burly Brett Beers to Finish off the Winter

An Article by Noah Forrest Most of the time when we think about the illustrious wild yeast genus brettanomyces (or brett for short), we picture sours, lambic, American wild ales, brett IPAs, or maybe bretted saisons. Basically, we think of beers that are dry, or hoppy, or tart, or sour, but generally rather drinkable. However, brett […]

April 11

Microbrasserie La Memphré Continues to Bottle Some Brilliantly Balanced Beer

An article by Noah Forrest The folks at Microbrasserie La Memphré have been busy over the last few months, delivering several brand new beers to the public as well as some returning classics. This Magog-based brewery is a must visit if you find yourself in Quebec’s eastern townships. The stand alone brewery and restaurant has […]

March 20

Half Hour on Earth is Releasing a Steady Flow of Barrel-Aged Sours

An article by Noah Forrest Back in November 2016, I was fortunate to get my hands on a slew of bottles from Half Hours on Earth. This small brewery from Seaforth Ontario was creating beautifully tart farmhouse ales, and they simply blew me away. Since then, Half Hours has gone from a relatively obscure brewery […]

March 13

Brasserie Harricana Nailed 2017 – An Interview with Head-Brewer Francis Richer

An Article by Noah Forrest Brasserie Harricana is becoming more and more known for their deliciously tart barrel-aged blends. They just released the forth and fifth bottle from their 7205 series and more are coming very soon. I got my hands on the full line-up, including a sneak peek at number six, which I’ll get […]

March 05

I think I have Survived La Cuvée 2018

An article byNoah Forrest Have you ever wondered if you could die from a hangover? Well, I had some time on Saturday morning to ponder this, as I hovered over my toilet bowl. The night before I attended the 2018 edition of La Cuvée d’hiver 2018 – and I think had a pretty good time? […]

February 27

Finally Discovering Microbrasserie Ras L’Bock

An article by Noah Forrest Microbrasserie Ras L’Bock hit the Quebec beer scene in 2015. This charismatic bunch is located Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, which is about 3 and a half hours north west of Montreal. Self-proclaimed as having La Plus Belle Terrasse au QC, Ras L’Bock appears to be a place of beer, music, and general partying antics. I’ve […]

February 20

Microbrasserie Riverbend Releases Three Barrel-aged Beers

An article by Noah Forrest Microbrasserie Riverbend is a brewery based out of Alma, QC (about 5hrs from Montreal). The brewery has been on the scene for about three years now and exclusively can all of their beers with a wide Quebec distribution. I tried a hand-full of their offerings a couple years back and […]

February 14

Brasserie Dunham Hosts Winter Bottle Release and Foudres Unis Ticket Sale on Same Day!

An article by Noah Forrest A couple of months ago, Brasserie Dunham announced that they will be hosting a spectacular beer event near the end of the summer. It’s called Foudres Unis. This event is a celebration for exceptional brewers and passionate beer lovers alike. The line-up of breweries is pretty earth shattering, including names […]

February 06

Péché Day 2018 – Another Péché Mortel Mixed Case to Excite us!

An article by Noah Forrest It’s February, and the cold has been around so long now that my anger has transformed into a form of cold-complacency. It’s depressing, demoralizing, and I want it done with! Luckily, it is also that time of year where imperial stouts are found in abundance. And more specifically, Péché Day is on […]

January 30

Small Pony Barrel Works – Ottawa’s Beer Scene Just got More Exciting

An article by Noah Forrest Small Pony Barrel Works opened its doors to the public at the tail end of 2017. Located in Kanata (just west of Ottawa), this new and innovative brewery focuses solely on Barrel-aged products – and in particular, sours. Barrel-aging is nothing new, the modern craft-beer scene is loaded with various […]

January 24

Dieu du Ciel!’s Winter 2018 Bottle Release Yields Several New Barrel-Aged Variants!

An article by Noah Forrest 2018 is upon us. And before we can even scratch the surface of amazing beers to come, Brasserie Dieu du Ciel! is about to release a plethora of new variants for us all to salivate over. That’s right, this weekend is Dieu du Ciel! St. Jerome’s 10th anniversary party, as […]

January 16

Never Ending Barrel-Aged Sours From Microbrasserie Pit Caribou

An article by Noah Forrest In 2017, Microbrasserie Pit Caribou had a spectacular year, and that’s probably putting it lightly. Early on, they released an ambitious, extremely well received barrel-aged sour blend called Neuvin, and it just snowballed from there. Countless barrel-aged sours came down the pipeline – so much so, it became very difficult […]

December 28

Beerism’s Top 13 New Quebec beers of 2017!

An article by Noah Forrest 2017 has been a pretty momentous year for the Quebec beer scene. Several new breweries opened their doors, all kinds of new and amazing products hit the shelves, and for some annoying reason, lactose is on the rise (to be fair though, we didn’t start it). That said, there were […]

December 21

Microbrasserie À La Fût – Still Brewing Quality

An article by Noah Forrest Microbrasserie À La Fût is one of the those quality Quebec breweries that has been around forever while at the same time being a brewery that is often taken for granted. It certainly has been from me. I don’t try nearly enough of their products, but when I do, I’m […]

December 11

Avant-Garde Returns with Their Second Bottle Release This Year

An article by Noah Forrest A few weeks back, Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs hosted their second ever barrel-aged bottle release at their home inside the Oshlag brewery in Montréal. This contract brewery, with Renaud Gouin and Shawn Duriez at the helm, has had a pretty exceptional year. Last April these guys dished out some tasty barrel-aged […]

December 05

The Wild Shack 3: This Time It’s Personal

An article by Noah Forrest About two years ago I wrote about The Wild Shack for the first time. Back then, you probably had no idea who they were. That has changed. The talented and sexy duo behind The Wild Shack are the illustrious Remi Galipeau and Maxime Dallaire. And this year, they have been […]

November 27

Microbrasserie Kruhnen Changes Their Look

An article by Noah Forrest As much as one can say that label art shouldn’t effect how we choose a given bottle of beer, it certainly still does. This is especially true for individuals who are first discovering craft beer (or any product, really). If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll often end […]

November 21

Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel! Releases “Caisse d’hiver” for the Holidays

An article by Noah Forrest This week, Dieu du Ciel! is releasing a new winter mix pack called Caisse d’hiver! Starting this week, it will be available for purchase in stores all across the province. This soon-to-be illustrious case of beer contains four different barrel-aged creations for us to sip on over the holidays. Three […]

November 14

Merit Brewing – Modern Beer with Traditional Inspiration

An article by Noah Forrest The Toronto brewing scene is blowing up more and more every year. Bellwoods is quickly becoming one of the best in the country, while countless other Toronto-based breweries produce some exceptional beers. Even when you venture outside the greater Toronto area, there are still some fantastic breweries. Half Hours on […]

November 06

Oshlag Releases Whiskey Fortified Imperial Stout Called “Fort Noir”

An Article by Noah Forrest Barrel-aging beer is nothing new at this point. Whether it’s bourbon and whiskey barrels, or even wine barrels, it seems that at this point most breweries have dabbled in the process. Alcohol-infused oak lends new layers of complexity to the beer that’s being aged. Bourbon will impart lots of vanilla […]